Qwickly JOT

Qwickly JOT allows students to write on diagrams, charts, maps, and more inside the Leaning Management System. Students write directly on the assignment using a touch screen & stylus or mouse/trackpad. The work of each individual student is compiled into a final image and this image is embedded in the Learning Management System with grading integration for easy instructor review.

I worked closely with leadership and the development team to push out a product that maximizes efficiency and productivity during this time of remote learning. I am currently working to improve this product by evaluating instructor/student feedback and introducing more advanced features for the development team to implement.


As the lead product designer for this product, I am responsible for data synthesis, concept mock-ups, wireframes, visual design, interactive prototype, and clearly communicating with my team.



Help instructors seamlessly present traditional paper assignments through a digital medium (especially during times that require remote learning)


Reduce friction for students seeking to show their work outside of text only formats


Allow educational materials to be accessible anywhere and at any time


Qwickly products range from assisting K-12 schools to higher education systems. With this in mind, the Qwickly product line is dedicated to keeping simple task flows to accommodate for users of all ages and digital experience.



Instructor Assignment Creation

Student Submission

Assignment Grading



At Qwickly we work through an Agile process; we break down projects into several stages of updates while incorporating user feedback along the way. Qwickly JOT is currently available in its first version and is getting updated at this very moment.

After receiving instructor feedback from beta testing, we are already looking to add the option to include multiple canvases and a final answer field.


Due to budgeting time and resources, a few product features will be revisited once Qwickly JOT grows a larger user base. One future implementation is integrating a database of images that will be available for instructors. These easy access templates will reduce the time instructors spend on looking up templates online and foster a community around Qwickly JOT as an educational tool.


Remote learning has been very challenging for teachers and students across the world especially when giving/receiving course materials and trying to stay engaged online. I really enjoyed working on this project and continuing to make improvements because of the impact that I know this tool can have.  

Moving forward, I am excited to speak directly with instructors and students about how they experience the tool and continue designing for a better user experience.
ⓒ 2021 with Brittany Newton